Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand Slats provide a ‘ticky’, quieter alternative to sticks for drummers. The Slats are constructed of four thick strips of bamboo surrounding a foam core, all wrapped in PVC. They’re softer than sticks, but louder than other Tala Wands or bundle sticks.

The size, coloration, and shape of each slat is completely unique to that strip – you may see some sprays of brown or green, as well as some bends in the slat. These are natural variations in bamboo, and are completely intentional.

A rubber o-ring near the top of each stick allows you to adjust how far the slats come away from the core, therefore adjusting how slappy your sound becomes.

HeadHunters ST4 Stingers – Bamboo Slats



  • Four Strips of Bamboo Around Foam Core
  • Wrapped in Thin PVC
  • Softer Than Sticks
  • Louder Than Other Tala Wands
  • Natural Coloration/Bend Per Strip
  • Adjustable O-Rings