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Cymbal Cleaning

Simply put, the fastest and most effective way to clean cymbals.

With 1 of only 2 Pro Cymbal Cleaning machines in Canada, this is an exclusive service we offer for any drummer looking to clean their cymbals and restore them to the shimmer and shine as if they were right off the shelf.  The results are outstanding.  Customers are routinely blown away with the effectiveness on even the most dirty, grimy, oxidized, and filthy cymbals regardless of how old they are.

Before & After Cymbal

Not only do we have the world’s fastest and most effective cymbal cleaning machine; we also utilize a water soluble cleaning solution so your cymbals will never be subjected to the risk of heat exposure by friction, which changes the molecular structure of the metal. Heating the cymbal by friction compromises the integrity of the metal and makes it prone to premature cracking. With our cleaning system, the cymbal remains cool to the touch throughout the entire process. As we utilize a water soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solution, the whole process results in NO TOXIC WASTE.

Call ahead (416-226-1211) or book an appointment.

Pricing: $30 per cymbal. Top and bottom. Any size.

Cymbal Cleaning Service

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