The traditional djembe is a goblet shaped hand drum with a goatskin playing surface affixed with rope runners. Originating in West Africa, this drum was used as a gathering drum and today is popular worldwide for people of all ages.

We carry a wide assortment of top brands.  The djembe sound has been featured in some of the most popular artists’ songs.  The djembe can be seen as a vital instrument in many parts of the world and have certainly transcended borders.  As it was commonly used in gatherings, this instrument is also very loud and versatile.  Solos won’t be an issue with this beauty.

Some of the materials commonly associated with a djembe is it’s shell, it’s skin, and rope. Our selection includes some with carved wood shells as well as durable fiberglass shells.  Because of the varying material, a variety of genre sounds are capable of being produced.  Some of these sounds include Latin jazz and rhythmic drumming.

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