Los Cabos Drumsticks is Canada’s #1 drumstick brand, located in Hanwell, New Brunswick. They manufacture over 20 different models of drumsticks, many of which are available in 3 different wood options, and 16 percussion tools. Los Cabos Drumsticks is the only established drumstick manufacturer which offers a full line of red hickory drumsticks, independently proven to be stronger, more elastic, and therefore more durable than standard hickory.
Product specs:
Model Length Diameter Taper Tip
2B 16.25″ 0.629″ Long Tear Drop
5A 16.00″ 0.575″ Medium Acorn
5A Intense 16.50″ 0.575″ Medium Acorn
5B 16.00″ 0.598″ Medium Acorn
5B Intense 16.50″ 0.598″ Medium Acorn
7A 15.50″ 0.543″ Medium Acorn
Rock 16.25″ 0.658″ Short Oval
Multisticks are 16.5″ long. The mallet has a diameter of 1.3″ and the drumstick end is a 3A (long taper, ball tip)

Los Cabos Drum Sticks




For additional models, please email [email protected] or call 1.800.565.6676.