The Distinguished Tone of Pearl’s Fabled Phenolic Shells
Pearl Drums celebrates its 75th revolution around the sun with the reintroduction of one of its most fabled and hard-to-find kits: the President Series Phenolic shell pack. This vibey 4-piece revives the size-defying “thump” and period Pearl appointments of its mid-’60s namesake, all with the 21st-century durability today’s Pearl’s kits are renowned for. Hermetically pressurized phenolic shells, done up in an exemplary oyster wrap, unlock the mythical snarl and spirit of Pearl’s historic synthetic-shelled Presidents. And from its Battleship lugs to its Silver Script badges, this kit is bursting with vintage character. The President Series Phenolic shell pack comes outfitted with Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White batter heads to deliver great sound and feel from the first time you tune up. Inside each tom, kick, and snare, you’ll find an adjustable tone muffler to focus stick attack and dry out resonance. A full complement of past-meets-present Pearl hardware — including gullwing bass spurs, a kick-mounted cymbal holder, and T-rod bass claws — makes the President Series Phenolic an irresistible addition to any Pearl aficionado’s collection. Each kit includes a set of Nomad fiber carry cases and a certificate of authenticity.

The reimagining of a classic kit
Pearl’s synthetic-shelled President Series kits were among the first pro drum sets to bear the company’s name. And since their heyday in the late 1960s, these kits have cultivated a fierce following of devoted fans and collectors. The 75th anniversary President Series Phenolic shell pack revitalizes the classic lineup with an heirloom design that carries an undercurrent of retro cool. Best of all, they’re available without the vintage premium, and with Pearl’s legendary build quality to back it up.

“The new [President Series] kits are basically the best of both worlds: you’re getting an old-school … look with the Battleship lugs, but you’re going to get all the modern properties of the hardware being more up-to-date and more durable.” — Eric Singer, Kiss drummer and President Series devotee.
Thin 4.5mm phenolic shells

The distinguished tone of Pearl’s 1960s synthetic shells comes to life in the modern President Series Phenolic shell pack. Voiced somewhere between the punch of fiberglass and the resonance of wood, these thin 4.5mm hermetically pressurized shells evoke a classic response that Bonham and Moon devotees will recognize immediately. The phenolic shells are deceptively loud and round sounding, with the kick and toms favoring tunings that make each drum sound about two sizes larger than advertised. Pearl brings its 75 years of shell making know-how to bear on this classic shell formulation to unlock the familiar vintage voicing, but with a modern road-tested durability. Adjustable tone mufflers inside each shell dry up resonance for an added dose of that thunderous crack and window-rattling thump.

Antique appointments, modern dependability
Pearl’s name in drum hardware is legendary. The President Series Phenolic faithfully reimagines the hardware and appointments of the original lineup with modern-tolerance specs. And whether you’re drawn to its Battleship lugs, Silver Script badges, gullwing spurs, or shell-mounted bass drum cymbal holder — or perhaps all of the above — the modern Pearl President Series Phenolic from Sweetwater is one vintage-styled shell pack with hardware that is rated to stand the test of time.

Pearl President Series Phenolic 4-Piece Shell Pack – Pearl White Oyster



Pearl President Series Phenolic 4-piece Shell Pack Features:
Commemorates Pearl Drums’ 75th anniversary
Reintroduction of one of Pearl’s most fabled and hard-to-find kits
Limited run: only 100 in the world
Includes a full set of Nomad fiber cases and certificate of authenticity
Thin, 4.5mm hermetically pressured phenolic resin shell recipe
Adjustable tone mufflers dry out ring and resonance
Throwback Silver Script badges and ’60s bass drum decal
10-mil Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White batter head gives you supreme sound and feel
2.3mm Superhoop II triple-flanged hoops supply great tone and road-ready durability
Ruggedly built classic appointments: Battleship lugs, gullwing spurs, kick-mounted cymbal holder, and T-rod bass claws
Felt bass drum muffling strip
Sizes (depth x diameter): 9 inches x 13 inches tom, 16 inches x 16 inches floor tom, 14 inches x 22 inches bass drum, 5.5 inches x 14 inches snare drum