Fiesta cajons by Gon Bops offer amazing finishes, sounds, and value.

Priced smartly for students, beginners this Fiesta Cajon by Gon Bops features a walnut frontplate and finish. Heavy-duty rubber feet ensure bass tones don’t get lost in the floor. Additionally, this “box” includes a free gig bag and seat cushion to raise the value factor!   Both the new Mahogany and Walnut finish Cajons measure 12 x 11.5 x 19.75.   The Walnut model includes an external knob to adjust the pressure on the internal snare wires, even allowing for the snare to be turned off completely. A free gig bag raises the value factor even further!

Gon Bops Fiesta Cajon w/Bag – Walnut



The Walnut model from the Fiesta line offers a unique “On/Off” switch to engage the inner snare wires.    This is an excellent feature allowing 2 distinctly different sounds.
Includes carry bag and seat cushion!