Like you, your cajon rarely stays in one place. Now you can transport your cajon investment here, there and everywhere in the safety and security of the Meinl Cajon Bag. Just place your cajon inside the padded bag, zip it up and away you go, knowing your cajon is well protected as you move it from place to place. Even if you don’t travel a lot, you can use this protective case to store your cajon between uses.

This durable black bag is strong, sturdy and designed to hold most standard size cajons from Meinl and other famous names. It features heavy-duty nylon construction with padded sides for a snug fit, and its rugged, carry-anywhere construction helps guard against unsightly knicks, dents and dings that can mar the smooth, beautifully finished surface of your cajon.

The U-shaped zippered opening and large interior allows you to put the cajon in and take it out with ease. A double handle grip and removable, adjustable shoulder strap makes the bag easy to pick up and carry.


Meinl Standard Cajon Bag



Size: 20 1 /2″ W x 12″ H x 12″ D

Material: Heavy duty padded nylon

Features: Carrying grip