Gibraltar Road Series drum racks provide solutions to a number of everyday challenges that all drummers face. Road Series racks eliminate the need for individual cymbal and tom stands and actually give you greater flexibility when it comes to positioning your instruments. It also prevents individual pieces of your kit from wondering off, while adding over-all stability to your rig. At the same time, clamps with memory locks ensure that you’ll set up your drums more consistently form gig to gig, which is a real bonus. And best of all, this Road Series drum rack folds down for easy transportation and storage.

This tough and rugged Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series drum rack offers the extra support of a 4-post design with a full set of curved horizontal bars to provide you with ample positioning options. If you’re looking for a way to mount a full set of toms, cymbals, and percussion instruments, and you demand serious stability, then this GCS-450C rack is a perfect choice.

Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Drum Rack Features:

  • An extremely flexible and sturdy 4-post rack for your entire drum kit
  • Nearly 10′ of curved horizontal mounting space provides plenty of room for your drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments
  • A set of clamps with memory locks makes folding down and setting up your kit easy and consistent

Gibraltar Road Series 3-Sided Drum Rack



Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Drum Rack Includes:

  • 1 x SC-GPR46C 46″ curved horizontal tube
  • 2 x SC-GPR36C 36″ curved horizontal tubes
  • 4 x SC-GCRML chrome memory locks
  • 2 x SC-GCSRA chrome stackable right angle clamps
  • 4 x SC-RMAA rack mounting attachment clamps
  • 1 x GRS-LOGO clip on badge
  • 4 x 30″ straight vertical bar mini T-legs