DW Custom Shop finishes are only limited by your imagination; the possibilities are virtually endless. For example, just about any lacquer color can be bursted or faded over an Exotic veneer.   This is the pinnacle of drum craftsmanship.   All Custom Shop finishes are applied by hand by a team of seasoned craftsmen, it’s what makes DW drum finishes so famous.   Leading the way is John Goode.  A longtime friend of Just Drums, some have called John Good a “Woodologist”. Others, such as Neil Peart, have nicknamed him the “Wood Whisperer”. One thing’s for sure, he has an uncanny knack for finding the most jaw-dropping exotic wood specimens on the planet. Sometimes the wood is so rare, we can’t get enough to add it to our prestigious Exotic Custom Shop line. Enter John’s Gallery… This is the only place on the web where you can see some of the most sought after Exotic drum finishes available anywhere; only available in very limited quantities and custom made to John’s exact specifications using DW’s latest Custom Shell Shop Technology.

DW Collector’s Series – Exotic


Contact us anytime to help customize your ultimate dream kit.  This is what we specialize in and thrive on assisting with.   We will not be undersold on custom DW orders and we certainly make sure they are handled with the service and care you expect and deserve when ordering a professional custom package like these.

Order ETA: Approx 6-10 Weeks

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