Just Drums specializes in helping drummers create custom masterpieces, dream kits, and facilitating special orders of all DW Collectors kits and components.

The flagship line of Custom Drums is offered in North American Hard Rock Maple, Select Heartwood Birch, and now Maple/Mahogany. Collector’s Series® is the original American Made custom drum set. Choose from a myriad of state-of-the art California Custom Shop shell configurations and a seemingly endless array of high-end finishes and drum hardware color options  to create your very own dream set-up.



Thenewest shell offering is designed to give drummers the best of both worlds, the warmth of vintage drums and the resonance and projection of our state-of-the-art Custom Shop Collector’s Series™.  The shells feature North American Hard Rock Maple and African Mahogany construction, combined with VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) shell technology.   The result is a very musical shell that is excellent for just about any genre of music and perfectly suited for studio and live applications.  Offered in all Custom Shop shell sizes.

8″ toms use an 8-ply construction, while 10″-18″ toms add one more vertical ply of maple to make the 9-ply construction.
Bass Drums use a 10-ply construction and Snare drums are 12-ply, both adding extra plys of maple. For those interested in color stains and lacquers, we swap the outer 2 plys, putting maple on the outside as it is a much better canvas for transparent color than mahogany.



Sonically versatile and visually stunning, we bring you Collector’s Series® pure Cherry shells.
This wood is hand-selected by John Good and was previously only reserved for exotic face material. When used to craft these 8-ply shells with HVLT (Vertical Low Timbre™ with a horizontal outer ply), the wood offers a punchy, warm tonality with plenty of resonance and high-end bite. Great for a woodsy snare drum with ample crack, but also as impressive for a round, full bass drum sound. Did we mention the toms? Collector’s Cherry is extremely versatile both in its tuning range and musical application. Destined to become an artist and fan favorite, it can be custom ordered in any Custom Shop size or finish.


DW Collector’s Series – Custom Shop


Contact us anytime to help customize your ultimate dream kit.  This is what we specialize in and thrive on assisting with.   We will not be undersold on custom DW orders and we certainly make sure they are handled with the service and care you expect and deserve when ordering a professional custom package like these.

Order ETA: Approx 6-10 Weeks

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