One of the absolute most professional level hi-hats stands on the market.  Top-of-the-line in every way.  With features like DW’s patented Double Eccentric Cam and Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature, which combine to give you the sensitive response and balance you need to play your best. And that’s just the beginning. If you want epic stability and rock-solid reliability from your hats, then you need a DW 9500D hi-hat stand.



DW 9500TB 2-Leg Hi Hat Stand

SKU: 9500TB


The Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension feature allows for precise adjustment to offset the weight of the top cymbal, creating a customized feel.
9500 Hi-Hat Stand Specifications:
wt. 12.2 lbs.
tallest playing height: 43″
lowest playing height: 28″

  • Double eccentric cam that increases sensitivity, speed, and responsiveness
  • Lateral cymbal seat is designed to allow instant access for adjustment of bottom cymbal angle
  • Uni-body folding footboard
  • Footboard remains attached to bass casting when folded