These specially designed bass drum pedals have extended footboards for a different, unique feel.

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it! DW has release a set of 9000 series double bass drum pedals with extended foot boards. With an extra inch of playing room, the XF series makes techniques such as heel toe a breeze. It also makes life a bit easier for those of us who have, let’s just say “slightly larger” feet.
These slightly larger 9000’s feature the same incredibly smooth, gravity-defying playability that you’ve come to know and love, but with a slightly larger footboard. This pedal feature a Floating Rotor that is not permanently affixed on a conventional drive shaft but is mounted on an free-floating drive shaft using friction-reducing ball bearings. In addition, the patented Rotor can be infinitely adjusted using the Infinite Torque Adjustment for a variety of positions from center (Turbo-style) to eccentric (Accelerator-style) – achieving the desired balance of power and precision in any playing situation. Furthermore, by moving the location of the Floating Spring from the end of the hex shaft to the center of the pedal, the vertical alignment of the moving parts is maintained and the indirect transfer and loss of energy is virtually eliminated- further optimizing the pedal’s speed and power and precision.


DW 9000 XF Series Double Pedal – Extended Footboard

SKU: 9002XF


With all of the elite pedal features of the 9000 Series, now with the popular extended footboard option.
One of the most pro level pedals out there.  Period.