Introducing our Vintage Series Drum Sets and Snare Drums. The Vintage Series was a joint effort between Johnny Craviotto and our family of artists. Our goal was to capture the warmth of the big band era and combine it with the fat, punchy sounds from the classic rock era. We set out to create a tonal offering featuring a warm introduction, graceful midrange, with a breath of support underneath.

With plenty of research and experimentation, we reached out to an old favorite, Poplar. Make no mistake, this is not your “filler grade” poplar found in many inner plies of drums. This is premium, hand selected North American Poplar worthy of the world’s finest drums. Each Craviotto “Vintage Series” drum comes with the innovative Baseball Bat bearing edge on both the batter and resonant side.
Poplar is less dense than our other tone woods.  The Vintage Series Poplar drums speak with a softer voice and a rich, warm glow that is very microphone friendly. Like Craviotto’s other offerings, these are extremely responsive with a vast tuning range.

Craviotto Vintage Series Drum Sets


Poplar is Popular Again; Introducing the Craviotto “Vintage Series” Drum Set

If you’re looking for that warm, fat sound found on your old LP collection, this is it. Craviotto Vintage Series drums make you feel warm and fuzzy.

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