Since 2004, Craviotto Drum Company has paved the way in offering custom built, handcrafted one-ply, solid shell drums.  The aim is to showcase how solid shells perform differently from ply shell drums.   Just Drums have been a proud Craviotto dealer for 2 decades and will continue to support some of the most pristine and finely crafted drums made anywhere.

 Each custom drum is handcrafted by a small group of artist craftsmen in California.  They don’t source out shells like other manufacturers.  They start from scratch and see the process through all the way here in the USA. No shortcuts are taken, no compromises made.

Each drum goes through Johnny’s proprietary process, and passes through the six most talented sets of hands in the drum building business. Each shell wears Johnny’s fingerprints, sweat, and final signature of approval with pride.  Not every board makes it, only the best get Johnny’s signature.

Create your personal Craviotto Drum Company solid shell drum set by first selecting your choice of Maple, Poplar, Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany or Birch, or mix and match woods to create a Stacked Solid kit. Then choose your desired sizes of bass, floor tom and rack tom drums. Diameters are available from 10″ to 26″ and depths are available from 3.5″ to 18″. Expand the set with a choice of snare drum options. Maple, Cherry or Walnut inlays are available. Add in any combination of our 45 degree, 30 degree or Baseball Bat  bearing edges, and the options become endless in custom tailoring a kit to your liking.

All Craviotto Solid Shell drumsets come standard with with Craviotto Diamond clamps and memory locks, 2.3mm triple flange chrome over steel hoops, Gauger RIMS or FlexFrame System, heavy duty 12.7mm floor tom legs, Remo drum heads, Craviotto Bass Drum Spurs and a natural satin oil finish. Vintage style rail mounts, single flange, double flange or wood hoops, bass drum t-rods, and duco, sparkle, or solid color lacquers finishes are available upon request.

Craviotto Solid Shell Drum Sets


We specialize in these kinds of  custom orders and will guarantee the most efficient service and care that ordering a musical instrument like this deserves.

Please Contact Just Drums for pricing information and order details on all Craviotto inquires.

416-226-1211 or Toll Free 1-800-565-6676

Every Craviotto drum is a one-of-a-kind, work of art.
Get the original, get the best, get a Craviotto.