Craviotto Drum Company’s 2-in-1 Drum Set has revolutionized the drumming industry.   In 2011, they offered customized hybrid bearing edges. These edges allowed drummers to dial in the exact sound they’ve been searching for.  This concept was taken one step further and developed into the 2-in-1 Drum Set.

Like all Craviotto Drums, the 2-in-1 Drum Set is handmade in the USA from their signature one-piece, solid drum shells.

These innovative instruments can be played from either side, offering two distinct tonal options in one instrument.   The most popular combination is the innovative Baseball Bat bearing edge on the batter side and the standard 45’ bearing edge on the resonant side. The Baseball Bat bearing edge allows for a punchy, focused tone while the 45’ resonant edge allows for more resonance, sustain, and warmth.  The 2-in-1 series drums can be ordered in any combination.

The proprietary Craviotto hardware is center mounted to allow for quick and easy transitions. Just loosen the wing screws, turn the drum around, re-insert the spurs and floor tom legs, and “Voilà” – a new drum set experience.

The 2-in1 Drum Set is built to perform in any performance venue.  If you want more punch and articulation, use the BB/45 combination.  If you are searching for more sustain and openness, turn the drum over and use the 45/BB combination.   Any edge combination (BB/45’, 30’/45’, or BB/30’) can be ordered for a truly customized, individual sound.  These drums acclimate to your performance environment.

Craviotto 2-In-1 Series Drum Set


An extremely unique combination offering variety to go along with the ultimate craftsmanship.
The kit pictures is a combination Ash & Walnut shell.

We specialize in these kinds of  custom orders and will guarantee the most efficient service and care that ordering a musical instrument like this deserves.

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Every Craviotto drum is a one-of-a-kind, work of art.
Get the original, get the best, get a Craviotto.