The most elite set of professional/custom drums Yamaha has ever made.  Supreme craftsmanship and elite quality.

Behold the future – for Yamaha at least. The PHX Series represents a major departure for Yamaha and a bold step towards how the company sees its future. While current fashion says expensive shells equal thin shells, the PHX bucks the trend with heavyweight 11-ply walls.

Yamaha has previously championed neglected timbers: beech, oak and bamboo come to mind. The PHX mixes exotic new timbers with trusty maple. Add to this the hook-over lugs and you have a genuinely different kit. It all comes at a shattering cost and Yamaha is keen to point out the PHX is not replacing its established high-end Absolutes.

Jatoba, a Brazilian wood and the hardest material in the PHX hybrid shell, is positioned as the core ply and center note of the drum. It is surrounded on either side by layers of kapur, a Malaysian hard wood. North American Maple, which had long been considered a classic, high-quality drum shell material because of its hardness and viscosity, is actually the softest wood in the shell construction; maple is the outer and inner plies of the shell.

This is the process used to complete the hybrid shell, in which the stiffness of the shell shifts from the center toward the outside: the woods are hardest at the center and get softer toward the outer surfaces in either direction. This results in an “excitation structure” that maximizes the shell’s performance. The excitation structure increases the head’s vibration to its full extent, achieving a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. It produces an effect in sound waves similar to rippling waves caused by a pebble dropped in water.


Yamaha PHX 4 Piece Shell Pack – Natural Textured Ash



Arguably, one of the most advanced and musical drum sets on the market, representing the highest level of drum-making today.

  • Shell pack
  • 11 Ply Hybrid (Jatoba+Kapur+Maple)
  • 12″x8″, 14″x12″, 16″x16″, 22″x18″
  • Open, rich, musical tone
  • Natural Textured Ash Finish