Product Description

Clear Emporers have become an industry standard for fusion and rock ‘n roll applications. Clear Emperor heads are known for their open, bright, full tones, with plenty of attack. These heads are sworn by Kenny Aronoff, Omar Hakim, Matt Cameron, Akira Jimbo, Sonny Emory, Ricky Lawson, Gary Novak, Chad Smith, Chad Sexton, and David Silveria, to name just a few.EmperorEmperor heads are the darkest sounding and most durable of the classic WeatherKing series. These heads use 2 free-floating plys of 7 mil film, which gives them their consistent open tones and accounts for their popularity among many of today’s top drummers.

Remo’s never-ending innovation has brought these (and all of Remo’s other two-ply heads including Pinstripe, Suede, and Renaissance) heads to greater levels. They offer the sustain, roundness, and clarity of single ply drumheads with two ply durability, making them the industry standard of what two ply heads should be.

Hear The Clear Emperor Drumhead In Action With This Video From Remo:

Remo Emperor Clear




Some of the most popular heads in the world.   Ideal for rock, metal, pop, punk.
Dual 7-mil films for maximum durability and clear resonance.