The Promark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumsticks are designed with the input of Mr. Kotche, the renowned drummer from the acclaimed band Wilco. These sticks are coated with Promark’s ActiveGrip. A coating that is heat sensitive. As the players heat increases the coating will become tackier. This will prevent sticks slipping out of a players sweaty hands. In addition to the coating the handle has the WaveHandle, which is contoured to provide addition grip and comfort for the fingers

  • “To meet the demanding performances of Wilco and my other solo projects, I needed a special grip solution that I could trust, that didn’t feel like rubber or a synthetic. The new ActiveGrip feels like a regular hickory drumstick at the start of the show, and gets tackier when when my hands start sweating. It’s an absolute breakthrough in grip. Plus, the WaveHandle design adds an additional contoured grip that also works as its own sound source.” – Glenn Kotche

ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Stick



ProMark Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumsticks Features at a Glance:

  • Hickory construction provides resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel
  • Acorn-shaped tip and long taper provides articulation and fast rebound
  • ActiveGrip is heat activated and keeps you from dropping your drumsticks
  • Contoured WaveHandles provide you with additional grip and a comfortable place for your fingers
  • WaveHandles also make for a cool alternative sound source
  • Diameter: .570″
  • Length: 16 3/4″