Pearl P-932 Demonator Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Pearl P-932 Double Bass Drum Pedal is jam packed with high-end features such as a linear round cam, single chain drive, patented PowerShifter, infinitely adjustable beater angle, duobeat beater, and PowerPlate.


Pearl’s revolutionary PowerShifter function provides 3 positions to fine tune the power and feel of the pedal. By moving the footboard forward or back you change the chain or belt drive angle, thus changing the leverage to create a light, normal or strong feel.

Duo Beat Beater

The DuoBeat Beater offers two different faces, plastic and felt, adding great versatility of sound over single surface beaters. It’s like getting two beaters for the price of one

Pearl Demonator P-932 Double Bass Pedal




An outstanding double pedal for the money with great Pearl features

  • Perfect Circle Cam with Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
  • Demon Style PowerShifter Function Longboard
  • Dual Surface Beater with Control Core
  • Infinitely Adjustable Beater Angle