The Paiste 16″ PSTX Swiss Thin Crash Cymbal brings out its high overtones almost immediately, giving you a thin, trashy sound that puts a barky icing on top of any accent. You can roll on it with mallets to create a tense, energized version of a cymbal roll.

This overall pitch of the 16″ model is slightly lower than the 14″ model.

  • Paiste PSTX cymbals are very affordable effect cymbals – and really, do you need an entire paycheck’s worth of rent just to make some cool noise?


Paiste 16″ PSTX Swiss Thin Crash

SKU: 1255216



    • Immediate High Overtones
    • Thin, Trashy Sound
    • Tense, Energized Rolls
    • Medium Pitch
    • Economical Choice


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