The Paiste PSTX Pure Bell 10” Cymbal is a rich and resonant cymbal, delivering a clean, pure-sounding tone with a long and smooth sustain. Made from Aluminium, the Pure Bell cymbal’s clear ping and warm, long bell sound add a distinctive effect to virtually any style of music, and make it particularly well suited for use with mallets.
New from NAMM 2015, the 10″ Paiste 1258010 PSTX Pure Bell is part of the new PSTX collection, complete with extremely affordable effect cymbals. Due to its low tension construction, it features an explosive flanging and undulating sound that stands out uniquely.

The core of the PSTX is made up of the Swiss models, cymbals that achieve a noisy, dirty, trashy sound quality by the use of specific layouts and varied sizes for the holes. Their silky surface distinguishes the cymbals visually. The aluminum Pure Bells stand out due to their distinct character and concept.

Sound Character: Warm, bright, calm, pure. Narrow range, clean mix. Fairly hard, direct feel. Clear ping over a warm, long, calm bell sound. Thick aluminum instrument with a specific sound character for percussive effects. Very well-suited for mallet use.

Paiste 10″ PSTX Pure Bell

SKU: 1258010


  • Weight: light (material caused)
  • Volume: low to loud
  • Stick Sound: clear, pingy
  • Intensity: controlled
  • Sustain: very long
  • Bell Character: integrated