Perfect transition from articulate sticking to wide open crashing while never loosing the stick definition. Clear sticking and a present, but not overpowering, bell. Outstanding versatile ride cymbal.

The Transition Ride by Meinl has a natural, slightly polished top for clear articulation and a present but not overpowering bell. The bottom is lathed up to the bell, which enables a quick, shimmery crash with a rapid decay. This enables a “transition” back to a dry, articulate ride. The bottom also offers a brilliant finish which allows the ride to move through various dynamic levels with control over the degree of clarity and level of wash.

A ride cymbal that easily transfers from ride to crash and back.

Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 21″ Mike Johnston Transition Ride



Mike Johnston Signature Ride made of B20 Bronze

You can detect it flex under each stick strike, giving it a slightly organic feel.

Made in Turkey