The standard from which all other DW snare drums are measured, the Collector’s Series Maple is crafted from only the finest hand-selected North American Maple and customized in any California Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option. Each 10-ply drum is fitted with a 6-ply reinforcement hoop and our 60-degree bearing edge for optimal resonance and attack. A lacquered interior adds brightness to a snare with a full tonal spectrum and plenty of body. The Collector’s Series Maple is the definitive workhorse wood snare drum to own.

Availability: 6×10″, 5×12″, 5×13″, 6×13″, 4×14″, 5×14″, 6×14″, 7×14″, 8×14″, 10×14″, 4×15″, 5×15″, 6×15″

DW Collectors Series Super Solid Shell Maple 14″ x 6.5″ – Natural Satin Oil



14″ x 6.5″ 100% Maple

Satin Oil Natural Finish