Steve’s Big Fat Snare Drum Donut Dampener turns any snare drum you own into a beefy, boxy, dry 70s version of itself without any sticky gel or adhesive. When you put this thing on top of your drum it instantly drops the pitch and cuts out almost all ringing.

The 6″ cutout in the center of this dampener is what makes it a donut – that hole is there so you can still get the feel of the actual head when you play.

Made of a patent-pending rubber/plastic compound, this dampener features a thumb cutout for easy removal and a rubber gasket around the outer edge to ensure consistent weight and pressure.

Big Fat Snare Drum -Steve’s Donut




No more tape, gels, blankets, rings, wallets or felts…

  • Turns Any Snare Into Beefy 70s Version
  • Kills Almost All Ringing
  • Drops Pitch of Drum
  • Thumb Cutout for Easy Removal
  • Rubber Gasket for Consistent Weight
  • Play On Actual Head