Born in Milton, Massachusetts in 1921, Armand was the first Zildjian to be born and raised in America. Music quickly became a vital part of Armand’s life, whether in the form of a drum kit in his basement or teaching himself trumpet. He was also an accomplished piano player after learning on a second-hand Steinway purchased during the Great Depression. Realizing at a young age that he loved the cymbal business, Armand would carry on the family’s 300-year-old tradition of cymbal making. Working under his father’s tutelage, he was taught the Zildjian secret process of melting alloys at age 14, and became skilled in every phase of the manufacturing operation. Assuming full responsibility for manufacturing after returning from the Philippines after serving in WWII, Armand was the first person to adapt manufacturing techniques – shaping, hammering, lathing – to elicit certain sound qualities from the metal. Equipped with his musicality and encyclopedic knowledge of every aspect of cymbals, he would continue to experiment and develop new sounds for the rest of his life, which opened the door to the modern era of cymbal innovation we know today.

Only a very limited batch of these rare, hand-selected cymbals are being released from the Zildjian Family Vault. We’re offering 100 cymbals in the U.S. and 100 internationally. In each Limited Edition Set, customers will receive: • 20″ Vintage A Cymbal • Limited Edition Armand Zildjian Signature Drumsticks • Zildjian Inspection Gloves • Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity • Limited Edition Armand Zildjian Book • Limited Edition Vintage-style Road Case *These vintage cymbals are not pristine and will be fingerprinted. Due to the extremely limited quantity and one-of-a-kind nature of these cymbals, there is no warranty on Armand Collection cymbals purchased in or outside the United States.

Armand Zildjian 20″ 100th Anniversary Ride With Case, Sticks, Gloves, Certificate