Promark come out with the Active Grip last year with the release of the the Glen Kotch signature stick and it was very well-received by the drumming community.   Wisely, ProMark listened to the masses and have now expanded the line to offer some great new models.

What is Active Grip?3 ProMark ActiveGrip Sticks
ActiveGrip is a heat activated grip coating that’s engineered to get tackier as a players hands sweat and their body temperature rises. It applies thin like a traditional lacquer adding no additional diameter or weight to the stick. Unlike most grip alternatives on the market ActiveGrip doesn’t tear up players hands or cause restrictions to range of movement or technique.

What we think?
Aesthetically the sticks look great! All black, accented with yellow or white coloring.
Our staff here love the the black active grip coating as its is so thin that it didnt feel “too tacky” but still provided amazing grip and still felt very natural.

mns_news_promark-stellt-signatur-stock-mike-portnoy-activegrip-420x-vor_t_smallMike Portnoy’s Sig,  420X
Diameter:  .565″
Length:  16 1/2″
The 420X offers more power and projection erring on the larger side of a 5A at 16 ½” long. The oval wood tip provides a warm tonality on cymbals and drums and appeals to the performance needs of most drummers. Featuring Promark’s patented ActiveGrip technology which is a heat-activated grip solution that gets tackier as a players hands sweat and body temperature rises.

The Just Drums Verdict:   #JDAPPROVED

Promarks innovative “active grip” is a game changer! They have eliminated the need to add grips or tape to your drumsticks which completely changes the weight and feel of the drumstick. It’s something that has been missing in the drumstick market forever.

Rich Redmond’s Sig 595
Diameter:  .595″
Length:  16″
The ActiveGrip 595 is a 5B at a standard 16” in length. The short taper and classic oval 5B wood tip gives this stick a well balance front weighted feel and optimizes power and speed while laying into the pocket – perfect for studio session work and outdoor festivals alike with a straight ahead back beat.