Evans has just launched yet another new addition of drum head to its stellar lineup.


*UV1’s patented UV-cured coating provides durability and consistency unmatched by any other coated drumhead. Its coating is the most evenly applied ever seen on a drumhead, providing strength that outlasts traditional coatings. And UV1’s unique single-ply 10mil film is more resistant to stretching and denting. Combined, they make UV1 the new first choice of drummers who’ve grown tired of heads that flake, chip, and wear out before their time.
UV1’s unique 10mil film delivers greater sonic possibilities for nearly any player. And it comes equipped with Evans’ revolutionary Level 360 Technology™, to provide a greater tonal range, wider tuning options, and higher levels of responsiveness and resonance.
Because UV1 is single ply, it is designed to give players an open, expressive sound that stays livelier longer. And UV1’s coating is designed to add to, not detract, from its tone, with increased surface texture to make it incredibly sensitive and responsive when playing with brushes.