Ya, It’s Loud!!! As drummers we’re often shunned to the basements of the world due to the high decibel rating of our instrument.

We’ll show you some effective ways to reduce your drumming volume to manageable levels.

“Well why don’t you just play quieter?” Asked my mother, who was quickly loosing patience with me and my new found love of drumming. She just couldn’t or wouldn’t understand the basic nature of the instrument. The simple fact that IT IS LOUD! And so my quest began to find solutions to control my volume. Several solutions are available on the market today, with varying degrees of success. Each one has it’s pro’s and con’s which we’ll take a look at here.


Forward Acoustics Web#1 Sound Proofing Your Space.
This is probably the most effective solution available, as it requires no change to your kit or your playing style. There are several products available for sound proofing a room, but most are very expensive. Affordable solutions are available from companies like Forward Acoustics, who make custom solutions for any room. An even more affordable solution, albeit with mixed results, is hanging thick Moving Blankets from the walls and ceiling. The honest truth is, effectivly sould proofing a room is expensive!

SoundOff Mutes#2 Drum Mutes/Mufflers
A very popular and affordable solution. Though the volume is without a doubt dropped to very low levels, the main complaint amongst drummers, is that it changes the ‘feel’ of drumming. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who disagrees with such a statement. But, when it comes to practice, these mutes do work very well, and will allow you the luxury of playing day or night. Jaming with the band? Hmmm… probably not gonna cut it.

Roland TD15#3 Electronic Drums
Drum companies like Roland and Yamaha have made major advancements in the electronic drumming world. Especially Roland with their tunable mesh heads and new SuperNatural Engine. Electronic drums are without a doubt, a fantastic way to manage volume, without affecting your playing style much. Yes there is still a difference in feel between acoustic and electronic drums, but the gap is closing rapidly.

Silent Tips#4 Sticks and Brushes
Most of the major drum stick manufacturers have developed alternative sticks that not only create a unique sound, but are also much quiter. Technique is not sacrifieced as much as drum mutes, and the tone is often very pleasing. Multi-Dowel sticks and nylon fibers are popular choices, as well as traditional wire brushes. Also worth trying are practice tips from companies like Tama. Small rubber tips that go on the end of any drum stick and will reduce volume a bit.