When SABIAN was born in 1982, Hand-Hammered (HH) cymbals were the focus – these were the cymbals that made drummers all over the world pay attention to SABIAN.    This is the same way a 30-year old classic album is remastered to bring it back to its vintage glory – to take it from the great to the sublime. In this same way, HH Remastered adds complexity and tone to each cymbal, delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line.

Drummers are falling in love with HH all over again!12178-21-inch-hh-vintage-ride_full

The Sabian Vault team has tapped deeply into their past by applying more Hand Hammering and re-working working  all HH cymbal profiles. In fact, depending on size, each remastered HH cymbal can be hammered up to 3,000 times – in some cases more – before a drummer hits it once.
“Traditional Turkish hand hammering is more than just our history,” explains SABIAN Master Sound Specialist Mark Love, “It’s our DNA. We’ve been using traditional hand hammering techniques since day one, so as far as SABIAN is concerned, this is not a fad. It’s who we are.”

This renewed focus on hand hammering means HH Crashes sound thinner and more musical, Rides are more traditional and complex, and Hats deliver faster responses and warmer tone.     They now Hand Hammer a pair of HH hats over 2,000 times – and a 24″ HH Ride over 4,000 times. It adds more complexity and tone, delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line of newly remastered HH cymbals.