Lorne Wheaton with Neil Peart’s Time Machine Hybrid Drum Kit

On November 15th we had the honor and privilege of hosting the world’s most famous drumkit.   Neil Peart’s actual touring “Time Machine” kit was setup on our showroom floor for a full day of worship!   We had an amazing afternoon with longtime Rush drum tech, Lorne Wheaton here to answer all questions about the kit and everything that goes into being the keeper of one of the most elaborate drum sets on the planet.     The detail and intricate designs of this kit is something that all attendees will certainly not forget as this kit is a true work of art and obviously an extremely unique configuration.   Members of Roland Canada on hand all day as well to help showcase everything there is about hybrid drumming.    All in all, it was an amazing opportunity to see a piece of drumming history up close and personal.    Check out the video and pictures!