Enables drummers to ‘switch’ beaters F.A.S.T
• Flip the beater 180 degrees.
• Adjust the height to most any level.
• Switch to over 10 different beaters.
• Tool-less design

The whole idea is to allow drummers the quick ability to change the sound and feel of their pedals without delay and interrupting the flow of the gig.   The quick-release action (with no tools required!) is the key the the Switch Kick.   Switching the beater front-to-back, adjusting the height, and entirely swapping out the beater for a completely different sound can all be done in seconds and with one hand.

We’ve seen a huge spike in popularity of different beaters like the Vater Vintage Bomber, the Vic Firth VicBeaters (available in wood, felt, fleece) so this Switch Kick makes sense to now be offered as a high-end option with loads of different choices.     One really interesting add-on is the brush beater for a softer, jazzier, and more acoustic/subtle feel.

This could be an early contender for one of the hot gift ideas for the holiday season.


These are more expensive then your average beater offered from many of the top brands, but from what we can see, the materials are top notch and these are extremely well-made.    The aluminum and stainless steel used are sure to hold up to the rigors of the working/gigging drummer.  We dont expect durability to be an issue at all with these.

Come by the store for a demo and to see it in person!