The back bone of the all new Gen16 product offering is the Gen16 Buffed Bronze Cymbal. Zildjian craftsman drew upon the Companys rich design history to make subtle but important changes to the bell profiles of the original Gen16 cymbals. Additional lathing has also been applied on the larger size models to increase the lower fundamental overtone structure.Also significant are the electronics supporting the new Gen16 Buffed Bronze cymbals; The Direct Source pickup, all new Natural Tone Shapes and the improved Digital Cymbal Processor.

The  Gen16 product boasts an all new look too; a rich buffed bronze finish that greatly enhances its appearance and produces a warmer tone than the original Gen16 nickel plated models.

Zildjian Gen16 Bronze Box Set 14″, 18″, 20″



– 1x pair of 14″ hi-hat cymbals
– 1x 18″ crash
– 1x 20″ ride
– 1x Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP)
– 1x 5-channel cable snake
– 3x Direct source pickups