A hugely popular discontinued kit! It’s portability is nearly unmatched even today for a full 4 piece set up – The 2-piece bass drum can house the snare and toms for easy transport. They feature Birch, Philippine Mahogany and maple wood shells, producing an impeccable tone and quality of sound. This kit was found in the Yamaha warehouse and is thus considered “New Old Stock” and is still in the box as pictured.


The mounting arms which affix the snare, toms, and cymbals to the bass drum are not included in this package. This model of the kit does also NOT included the matching storage throne. If you would like to purchase required hardware for mounting of toms and cymbals, please give us a call at 416-226-1211!


Feel free to call 416-226-1211 with any questions regarding this kit.

Yamaha Rick Marotta Hip Gig – Cherry Wood – BRAND NEW IN BOX (New Old Stock)



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