The Studio Maple kit is very original model in both sound and appearance, with Sound Focus Rings on the inside of the shells and 100% Maple Wood Hoops. It has a focused, warm, woody tone with clear attack, and a relatively short sustain with beautiful decay. While great for live performance, this model really excels in the studio, especially when seeking a warm sound with controlled resonance.


All Maple Shell w/Sound Focus Ring

(TT/FT) 6ply, 5mm / (BD) 8ply, 6mm

Evans® G1 Coated Head

Evans® heads are featured on Studio Maple drum kit (except bass drum front heads).

Direct Flexi-Mount

This Direct-Flexi Mount utilizes a two-piece structure – a plate that is mounted to the shell, and another piece that receives the L-rod of a tom holder/stand. These two parts are hinged together using a steel shaft, allowing some slight horizontal play when striking the drum. This controls the vibration of the shell while still allowing it to resonate more freely than traditional direct-to-shell mounts. This in turn provides sustain and smooth decay for a smooth, transparent sound that draws out the intrinsic characteristics of the shell material.

Maple Wood Hoop

The 22 mm thick hoops provides warm sound and powerful attack especially rim shot.




  • GSE

    Gloss Sienna

Tama SLP Studio Maple with Maple Hoops – 5 Piece Shell Pack – Gloss Sienna



16″x22″ Bass Drum 1
7″x10″ Tom Tom 1
8″x12″ Tom Tom 1
14″x14″ Floor Tom 1
16″x16″ Floor Tom 1
Double Tom Holder 1