With a quick pinch of its Patented (#9355625) spring‐loaded dual fastening system, the Rapid Lock disengages from the main clutch with ease; allowing for smooth, easy breakdown and set up of the top hat cymbal. The bottom fastener just as easily snaps back into place and locks the top cymbal into place wit firm, no‐slip security.

The top nut of Rapid Lock Clutch further features a locking Hex nut that holds it in its desired tension without moving by from playing friction.

Pearl include the Rapid Lock Clutch with its Redline series Hi‐Hat stands in 2017. The Rapid Lock Drop Clutch (HCL205DQR) for quick double‐bass engagement, Rapid Lock Supergrip Clutch (HCL205QR) and standard Rapid Lock Clutch (HCL105QR)


Pearl Rapid Lock Hi Hat Clutch