An LED lighting kit to make your drums pop on stage!  Dont let your guitarist steal all the thunder!

The Light Up My Bass Drum kit from DrumLite is a set of custom-fit lighting strips to illuminate your bass drum. These LED strips offer easy plug and play connections for quick take down and storage. All LED strips offer high-quality 3M foam-backing and produce countless color capabilities, while the lightweight LED strips do not alter the sound of your drums.

Introducing Drumlite: a quick, easy way to customize any drum set, and bring stage focus back where it belongs: on YOU! On one or multiple drums in your set-up, Drumlite lets you create a unique statement that will outshine the rest!

  • Quick Plug-n-Play Setup: No Soldering, No Drilling, No Cutting!
  • Illuminates drum shell interior with up to 16 different colors
  • Choose from four Flashing or Fading programmed presets
  • LED strips are shock-mounted and custom fitted to each size drum
  • Tour-ready XLR connectors for flexible expansion and positioning

Drumlite LED Lights – 22″ Bass Drum Kit



Command instant stage presence. You’ll have everything you need to bring the attention back to where it belongs: THE DRUMMER!
Easy to install!


  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum


  • Custom sized LED RGB strip for your bass drum
  • Wireless 20 button Remote & LED Controller
  • Four flashing and fading presets
  • 8 different preset colors
  • 6 different flashing and fading settings
  • Custom XLR snake with black cables
  • Includes power supply